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On September 11th and 18th, 2019, Professional Development Training sessions organized by CIPTC, for middle, high school teachers and primary school teachers were separately held at the Luohu District Education Bureau, opening a new chapter for the 2019-2020 school year.




In the first part of the PD training, Hans, a researcher of the Luohu District of Education Sciences and a well-known English teaching expert who is in charge of the foreign teachers in Luohu District of CIPTC, warmly welcomed the returning foreign teachers and the addition of the new teachers. Then, according to the Innovative Management Plan for Foreign Teachers in Luohu District, Hans presented several new projects and requirements and then described how the new projects will be implemented which will directly affect foreign teachers’ work this semester. Hans also outlined the new Professional Development Training Plan for the semester that will increasingly concentrate on examination-oriented teaching in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the internationalization of education in Luohu district as well as promote increased accountability.



In the second part of the training, mentor Michelle delivered a presentation with the theme "Defining Aims/Learning Outcomes That Meet Learners’ Needs and the Course Objectives". Michelle started by showing some of the teaching objectives that need to be improved, leading the foreign teachers to think and discuss how they could make it effective.


Michelle老师建议外籍教师可以利用“马扎诺认知目标分类学”(Marzano’s Taxonomy)来帮助其设定教学目标。她提出教学目标的设计要遵循“SMART 教学目标原则”。

Michelle then suggested that foreign teachers could use Marzano's Taxonomy to help them create effective teaching objectives, and suggested that the objectives could be designed according to the "SMART teaching objectives. " (S stands for specific, M stands for Measurable, A stands for achievable, R stands for relevant, and T stands for time-bound)