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On April 28th, China (Shenzhen) International Personnel Training Center organized a special training for Futian and Luohu new foreign teachers to improve their teaching ability in collaboration with Futian Primary School in Futian District. The Foreign teachers, school teachers and CIPTC staff all attended the meeting, and completed the training perfectly together.


此次培训主题为绘本教学培训(STORY-BASED APPROACH),主要分成三个部分:相关知识内容培训、公开课展示以及课后实践研讨会。

The topic of this training is STORY-BASED APPROACH, which is mainly divided into three parts: related knowledge content training, open class display and after-class practice workshop.


In the knowledge content training part, mentor Andrew gave a lively and rich content presentation. He used his active body language to output the knowledge content in a simple way, and carried out multi-dimensional expansion at the same time to make sure teachers from different grades can all benefit from it.



In the open class part, Futian primary school gave great support to arrange the school students in high grades involved; Andrew also fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the students, put the first part of the training into practical application, with a more intuitive way to reinforce the training content, and also made foreign teachers further understand how to use it in their own classrooms.




Finally, in the workshop, the mentor Andrew and mentor Hans first answered questions about the training content, and then gave the initiative to the foreign teachers, encouraging them to use the training content today to make a preliminary teaching plan, and then discussed and communicated with everyone, to achieve the effect of living learning and application.