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This week’s training focuses on two major topics. One which was the assessment tool for Foreign Teachers and the other was how to use songs effectively in the classroom. Mentor Eddy first explained to the Foreign Teachers about the assessment tool used by the mentors when they observe a class. This included the class management, the class atmosphere and the lesson objective and so on. Through this explanation, Foreign Teachers were made aware of the key principles important within teaching. We hope that our Foreign Teachers’ classes can continuously grow from strength to strength.




So, here comes the song part. Eddy played a warm-up song, with which he then asked Jamie and Beth to get involved and collaborate on the song with him! When using songs in the classroom, what things should teachers pay close attention to?


Teach first! If you want them to sing a certain way, be sure to teach them what you expect first before letting them sing. Guide them.


Don’t expect students to sing the song correctly straight away. It’s okay for students to not sing as accurately and to make mistakes (This is all part of the learning process). It's important for them to just be happy and feel comfortable when learning English songs.


Once a song has been established and learnt, you are then able to use the same song most Weeks. Our teacher Beth said that for students below grade 4, you are able to play the same song every week and they will not grow bored by the same song.


Song lyrics are important. The lyrics of some songs may not be appropriate for students, so teachers must be very careful when selecting songs. From time to time, it could be a great idea for teachers to let students choose songs which can encourage them to sing and get involved.